At the RSA Academy Arrow Vale, we believe that the Art Department is an open minded, forward thinking and success driven unit that consistently strives to ensure all teachers and pupils have a safe learning environment that promotes independence and achievement. Our aim is to adopt a whole school approach that allows development, diversity, progression and expansion to facilitate students’ self-confidence and belief in themselves and their environment. Art and Design at RSA Academy Arrow Vale offers a unique opportunity for all students to reveal their true potential, express their ideas and develop their imaginations, through learning that is expressive, imaginative, productive, reflective and critical. We believe that our creative approach to learning and teaching enables students to develop a wealth of knowledge about themselves, others, culture and society. The Art department encourages personal expression, imagination, sensitivity and conceptual thinking that will help students to develop a range of skills and concepts that can be used throughout life. As such, Art is an invaluable part of the education of young people at the RSA Academy Arrow Vale.


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