Art - Key Stage 4

GCSE AQA Art and Design

This course allows you to explore a diverse range of art and design materials, techniques and processes. It will enable you to investigate a variety of specialist areas and develop your knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary art, artists and designers. Taking what you learn, you will develop your own ideas and artworks based around a given theme to be interpreted in your own individual way. This course has been thoughtfully developed to provide you with an extensive understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare you for A-Levels or for employment in the world of art and design.

To pass this course you will need to complete:

A Portfolio of Work:

Your portfolio of work will be produced through undertaking two assignments based on a range of inspiring themes and concepts. You will explore a wide variety of artistic materials, techniques and processes as well as investigating traditional and contemporary art, artists and designers.

Your portfolio will be developed and comprised by selecting the most imaginative creative and well executed work undertaken during the course of study and this must include more than one project.

External Assessment/Controlled Exam

You will be provided with a range of starting points to stimulate and inspire the development of an exam based project. You will then have a short time to prepare and develop a response to your chosen theme of study. The controlled test will then require 10 hours of sustained focused study in which to produce your outcome to meet all assessment objectives.

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