Art - Key Stage 5

AQA .AS / A Level in Fine Art.

The A-Level in Art and Design provides students with the opportunity to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms. The flexibility of the course allows students to work from their strengths in order to produce an extended collection of work based on an idea, concept, theme or issue which demonstrates the students’ ability to sustain work from an initial starting point.

Students will produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more area including painting, drawing, mixed-media, sculpture, land art, installation, printmaking, film, animation, television, video and photography: lens-based and/or light-based media.

The assessment of the course is weighted as follows

  • 25% Coursework Portfolio.
  • 25% Personal Investigation.
  • 50% Externally Set Assignment.

The successful completion of an A-Level in Art and Design will help to lay an appropriate foundation for further study of Art and Design or related subjects in Higher Education. In addition, it is suitable for the diverse range of candidates who wish to develop their interest in and enjoyment of Art and Design, and its value in lifelong learning.

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art and Design (Edexcel)

The Level 3 BTEC Art and Design Subsidiary Diploma is designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of materials, techniques and processes as well as vocational opportunities within the Art and Design Sector. It will provide for developing skills to help creative, imaginative and innovative approaches to work. This course has been thoughtfully developed to provide you with an insight into the creative industries, as well as the skills necessary to prepare you for employment in the world of art and design. The assessment is based upon 100% coursework.

The BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art and Design is a qualification that consists of four core units plus 2 specialist units:

  • Unit 1: Visual Recording in Art and Design
  • Unit 2: Materials, Techniques and Process in Art and Design
  • Unit 3: Ideas and Concepts in Art and Design
  • Unit 4: Communication through Art and Design


  • Unit 2: Materials, techniques and processes in Art and Design
  • Unit 3: Ideas and concepts in Art and Design

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