Business - Key Stage 4

Business Communication

At KS4 pupils can choose to study Edexcel GCSE Business Communication. Business Communications is a contemporary subject and would assist all students in their chosen career path. During the two years of this course students will study 3 separate units. They will take two exams at the end of Year 11 on ‘Introduction to Small Business and ‘Business Communications. Students will also complete a piece of controlled assessment coursework in Year 10, which will be based upon a local business.

The course equips all students with a solid grounding of Business Communications along with vital enterprising skills such as team working, problem solving and time management. Students are encouraged to visit local businesses in order to see how they operate and to put theory into practice. Students are developed into creative and innovative thinkers. Students may take part in activities such as developing their own project, creating a brand or taste tasting different products.

At KS5 students can choose to take AQA A Level Applied Business. This is run as a two year course. In Year 12 students will complete 3 units: Unit 1 'Investigating business' is coursework based upon a local business; Unit 2 'People in Business', which is also coursework; and Unit 3 'Financial planning and monitoring', which is an exam based on a pre-seen case study and is taken in June.

In Year 13 students also complete 3 units Unit 8 'Business Planning' and Unit 9 'Marketing Strategy' which are both coursework units. They also study Unit 12 ‘Managing People’ which is an exam based unit to be taken in June.

In KS5 students develop their independent learning skills and carry out their own research for their coursework. Students are also taken on many visits to gain information that they need in order to succeed. Students particularly enjoy taking visits to local businesses such as Drayton Manor to see how they operate and to assist them in their coursework

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