SMSC in Business

In Business Studies students are encouraged to develop their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education across all lessons. Students are required to use a variety of skills in order to investigate different businesses and be able to make appropriate judgement.

Students are encouraged to spend time outside of the class room in the form of school trips, which encourages the students to explore local and national businesses in order to help enhance their knowledge.

Students are encouraged to develop their own opinions and how to justify them to their peers. Helping them to develop a crucial skill for their coursework.

Spiritual Development in Business

Spiritual education in Business at Arrow Vale encourages students to explore topics such as discrimination act which enable students to express their own opinion . Students are encouraged to explore different businesses and challenge the actions that businesses take.

Year 12 Investigating Business: ‘ Employment Laws such as Sexism and Discrimination Act. Students consider the effects that the employment laws will have upon a business operating.

Year 11 GCSE: ‘ What is ethics?’ Students explore what is ethics within business and investigate examples of child labour and other issues.

Year 11 GCSE: Animal rights, the environment and pressure groups. Students explore examples such as BP and Primark and the role of which pressure groups play within this.

Year 10: ‘ Thinking Creatively’: Students are encouraged to use different thinking methods in order to develop new ideas.

Moral Development in Business 

Moral development  in Business at Arrow Vale requires students to draw conclusions using observations, evidence and case studies to support this. Students explore the issues surrounding misuse of information in order to make a justified judgment.

Year 12: Misuse of information: Data Protection Act: Students explore the law and how this impacts businesses. 

Year 11 GCSE: Impact of actions on environment and ethical issues such as child labour: Students are asked to explore issues through the use of role play.

Year 12: Environment and Charges. Students explore the environmental charges that are associated within business and fly tipping.







Year 11: Trading Standards. Students explore different consumer protection laws and the impact upon businesses.








Social Development in Business

Social education in Business at Arrow Vale gives students the opportunities to develop their team working skills through collaboration work and research. The students also explore the concept of teams and roles that individuals have to play and how this can impact a business. Throughout the curriculum students are given the opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. Students often work collaboratively to understand new concepts and share information researched.

Year 12: Unemployment Levels and GDP.  As part of their coursework students explore unemployment and GDP across both local and national levels.

Year 12: Visits: Students go to visit local businesses to see how they operate.

Year 13: Research into local trends. Students carry out research into local area in terms of buying trends and habits. 

Cultural Development in Business

Cultural education in Business at Arrow Vale involves trading internationally and the barriers to this. Students are also actively encouraged to go on visits to explore local businesses and also larger multinational businesses such as Cadbury. Students also investigate the changes within society on both and local and national level.

All years: Visits.  All Business students are given the opportunity to visit local and national businesses to see how they run and operate.











Year 11:  Impact of the EU: Students explore the EU, trading barriers and how this can impact a business.


Year 12: Exchange Rates: Students explore importing and exporting and how this affects a business achieving their aims and objectives.


Year 10: Exchange Rates: Students investigate the different types of currency and the effect a strong and weak pound can have on a business’s trading.


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