Design & Technology - Enrichment

The department recognises the importance of enrichment opportunities in engaging students. We present an ever increasing number of opportunities in front of our students. These are:

  • Visits to local restaurants as part of enriching the catering learning experience.
  • Lunchtime CAD/CAM club.
  • Stem club linked with science.
  • Young Design Engineers awards.
  • Lunchtime Construction club.
  • Visit and workshops from 1st year university students from Warwick university.
  • Industrial visits for A level students to companies using new technologies.

In addition a number of students take the opportunity to bring in projects from home to work on in extracurricular time.

  • Year 12 : Planned visit to Jaguar to view industrial process.
  • Year 11 : Hair & Beauty - Parents coming in as clients
  • Year 11 : RMT : Coventry University links - undergratuate running a masterclass for Designing skills 3D drawing.
  • Year 10 : Catering students to visit restraurants, Good Food Show (NEC) visit from next year and McMillan Coffee morning event.
  • Year 9 : Sustainability project

Design is the process of making things better for people. - Richard Seymour

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