Design & Technology - Key Stage 5

In Year 12 students can opt to continue their study in the Design & Technology through selecting from the following courses.

AQA GCE A Level Product Design

Students study four units in total. The first two units are studied in year 12 and consist of a broad and expansive theory unit which looks at an extended range of materials including smart materials, composites, Biodegradable polymers and elastomers along with an extended knowledge of applications and processes. They also study sustainability, Ergonomics, Inclusive design & Consumer safety. Students also produce a major project as part of the learning through designing and making unit. Completion of these units leads to the award of an A/S level.

The second two units are studied in year 13 and consist of an extensive unit on design and manufacturing methods including materials & components, design and market influences and Processes and manufacture with a commercial focus. Students also produce another major project as part of the design and making practice unit. Completion of these further units leads to the award of an A level.

OCR GCE A Level Health & Social Care

Students follow either the single or double award over two years. They study units that cover Promoting quality care, Communication in the care industry, Promoting good health, working with early years care, healthy lifestyle choices and caring for the elderly. Students complete coursework assignments and for some units take an external examination. Completion of 3 units leads to the single award and 6 units for the double award.

Design is the process of making things better for people. - Richard Seymour

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