SMSC in Hair and Beauty

Students’ Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural is developed in hair & beauty in a number of ways. We believe that in educating our students to think about the impact of their hair & beauty activities are making on people, society and fashion. Students are also expected to grow and develop a sense of social responsibility, mutual respect and care for each other through our teaching of behaviour self-regulation. We expect students to influence the behaviour of others around them by encouraging a confidence to challenge each other when standards fall below our collective expectations.

Mutual respect is engendered through the process of peer evaluation of each other’s work and standards. We empower students to take criticism positively and to articulate their views in a respectful and sensitive way. We support this through the celebration of human fallibility as a motivator to learn and succeed.

We support students search for Meaning and Purpose through encouraging creativity in hair and beauty activities. Students draw upon a variety of sources for inspiration. Many of these are natural but true creativity comes from the freedom to explore within more open ended projects

Equal Opportunities: Is Taught through collaborative and team learning. Valuing contributions and celebrating these as well as outcomes. We try to instil in students that the journey is more important than the outcome because that is where true understanding is gained.

Spiritual Development in Hair and Beauty

Spiritual development in hair and beauty appears in many forms.  The schemes of work develop a sense of encouragement, encompassing learning about themselves and the world around them. This is evident when we learn how different cultures design hair and makeup.

The use of imagination and creativity is highly developed as students are given the freedom to investigate a range of different skills and techniques within hair and beauty, but importantly given time to reflect upon these skills in order to develop them further.

Year 10 hair and beauty Create a prom style.

This is a very open topic that encourages the students to investigate a range of styles suitable for a prom.


Year 11 Hair and Beauty

To create a look based on a theme.  In this unit the students create a hair and beauty look based on a theme such as wedding, an era or Indian wedding.



All students

All students are encouraged to keep practicing their skills in order to develop a more professional timing t their work.

Moral Development in Hair and Beauty

In hair and beauty we seek to develop a sense of moral conscience by encouraging students to work with clients and groups of students they wouldn’t ordinary choose to work with.  This develops a reflection of the real world of work, when the students will have to work with a diverse range of people; this also shows students a clear understanding of how their treatment of other people reflects on themselves and other members of their team.

Each student is encouraged to develop a moral conscience and responsibility to work, and must work professionally with each client, along with following safe working practices at all times.  Students are also encouraged to reflect on the products they are using and he impact these have on the environment.

Year 10 Hair and Beauty

Create a client satisfaction survey.

Students have to create a client satisfaction survey to be completed with each client in the salon, this helps the students gain feedback on their performance and allows for reflection on how they have contributed in creating a positive impression in the salon.

Year 11 Hair and Beauty

Manicures and Nail art.

Within this unit, students are to investigate the different products used within the treatment and their impact on the environment; they are taught how to dispose of this product correctly in order to maintain a healthy environment.

After completing a treatment on a client each student gains feedback on how the client felt the service went.  This encourages students to be professional at all times and to work responsibly.

All Students

All students have a moral understanding of how to treat others and all class rooms promote a safe working environment that all students thrive in.

Social Development in Hair and Beauty

Hair and beauty schemes of work are written to encourage students to work collaboratively with other, thus developing a range of social and communication skills.

By encouraging the students to use their hair and beauty skills on a range of different clients, both peers and adults, we help develop a mature individual who will be prepared for the world of work.  We expect each student to self regulate behaviour to establish a safe working environment.

Year 10 Hair and Beauty

Communication in hair and beauty

In this unit each student must complete an investigation into the different communication skills required in the hair and beauty industry.  These skills must them be put in to practice during practical sessions in the salon.

Year 11 Hair and Beauty

Client consultation

In this unit students must develop their communication skills further by completing client consultations and at tomes ask personal questions, the students are also taught what communication skills are needed to deal with complaints and grievances.

All Students

All students are encouraged at all times to work as teams and communicate with each other and adults in a positive and professional manner.

Cultural Development in Hair and Beauty

The hair and beauty industry is a multi cultural industry offering services to a vast range of clients from all different cultures and religions. Within this subject we investigate how styles and techniques have evolved from different cultures, both present day and historically.  The students are encouraged to respect cultural diversity and develop skills for a range of cultural events.

Year 10 Hair and Beauty

The history of hair and beauty.

In this unit students investigate where styles and techniques have originated from, such as beards from the Egyptians, and plaiting from the Romans.

Year 11 Hair and Beauty

Create a look for an Indian Wedding.

For this units, students must research the Indian culture and how weddings form part of this culture, they must then create a look using this research that would be suitable for an Indian wedding.

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