The English department fully supports the whole school aims and intends to provide the working environment where these can be achieved.

English lessons engage and encourage co-operative working and respect for others. Team and paired work encourages pupils to develop their own ideas and become more self-confident in directing their own learning. We encourage students to challenge and question texts and ideas; to consider alternative points of view and arrive at their own conclusion. Students are supported through personalised planning, marking and tracking, ensuring that every student succeeds. In this way, all pupils should derive a sense of worthwhile achievement and personal satisfaction from their work in English.

English combines texts, language and ideas from several hundred years ago, right up to breaking news. Students enjoy opportunities to comment on a range of texts from different ages, cultures and genre, making links and understanding how English has evolved. Creativity is encouraged and students feel confident to experiment and expand their own writing experiences. English also offers the opportunity for students to have a sound understanding of Functional English. We believe that students gain a well-grounded understanding of English which reflects and assists them in real life situations.

Director of Learning & Standards

Miss A Robbins


By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life. - Jean Baptiste Girard

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