SMSC in English

The English Department are proud to offer a range of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences through English lessons and extra-curricular activities. Visits to the theatre, Ypres in Belgium, lecures in London, and The Hive in Worcestershire extend spiritual, moral, social and cultural appreciation and understanding of society. Students express their creativity and understanding of other cultures through their study of literature and non-fiction texts. Competitions and clubs are offered to allow students to develop and showcase their skills, knowledge and experiences through SMSC in English.

Spiritual Development in English 

  •  English Yr9
  • Yr11 Poetry  – Power and Conflict
  • English Y12 - Poetry and Prose - love through the agents.
  • English Yr9 Creative Writing club 
  • English Language examinations : viewpoint and perspective.
  • English Yr9 - 13 visit the Rep Theatre in Birmingham
  • Englisy Yr9 - 13 visits to RSC in Stratford Upon Avon
  • English Yr12 - Sixth Form Study Day in Stratford Upon Avon
  • Live Streaming of Shakespear


Moral Development in English

  • Year 10 short stories - 'The Darkness Out There' - making the right decision
  • English Yr9 Literature unit – exploring prejudice in literature
  • English Yr9 - Of Mice and Men focus on racism and racial segregation.
  • English Yr9 Shakespeare unit –Much Ado about Nothing – exploring choices made and moral values
  • English Yr 9 Lord of the Flies – contrasting civility and savagery, exploring communities and moral dilemmas
  • English Yr11 Poetry Conflict - WW1 conflict; race and gender; prejudice and discrimination
  • Media Y10 - how different genders and cultures are represented in the media
  • Media Y10 BBFC visit – censorship
  • Media Yr12– how different genders and cultures are represented in the media
  • English Yr12 and Yr13 – Probation Service initiative – Local Crime, Community Service – moral values
  • English Yr12 – The Rotters Club – social values and moral decisions in historical context and compared with contemporary society
  • English Y12 - Othello - exploring prejudice and morality.
  • English Y12 Shakespeare theatre trip – exploring key moral debates
  • English Yr13 – WW1 poetry and prose – social and moral values in historical context and compared with contemporary society
  • An Inspector Calls - exploring morailty
  • Year 9 LOTF - Civilisation and savagery
  • Christmas Carol - Good morals for generosity and charity


Social Development in English

  • English Yr11 Poetry ‘Moon on the Tides Anthology’ Section 4 ‘Relationships’
  • English Yrs 9 – 13 – Speaking and Listening – group discussions and presentations; drama role play and hot seating – team learning
  • Media Yrs 12 and 13 – media industries and workplace
  • English Yr12 – The Rotter's Club, The Gatsby - theme of irreconcilable differences – social values
  • English Yr9 and Yr11 – Lord of the Flies and An Inspector Calls - social values; theme of power within society
  • Media Yr10 – cinema trips
  • Theatre Trips
  • An INspector calls - epxloring social classes
  • Creative writing club


Cultural Development in English

  • World Book Day
  • English Y9 Poetry from other cultures – understanding different experience and cultures
  • English Yr11 Poetry ‘ Moon on the Tides Anthology’ Section 2 ‘Place’ – understanding different cultures and experiences
  • English Yr 11 ‘Of Mice and Men’, Steinbeck – understanding American contemporary culture and context
  • English Yr10 – media and non-fiction – how different cultures are portrayed in media texts
  •  Media – Yr12 – how different cultures are portrayed in media texts
  •  Media Yr12 – media changes over time and new technology
  •  English Yr12 – Gatsby and The Rotters Club – historical, social and cultural context of each novel including imperialism and race
  •  English Yr13 – historical, social and cultural context of a range of texts from a range of literary periods covering theme of love.
  •  Y10 'The Polish Teacher's Tie' - Polish Culture
  • Media - representations of different groups in the media
  • Media - Influence of advertising
  • Library visits to the Hive in Worcester
  • Author meets
  • University vistis / Study days
  • Speakers for school - John Holliday
  • Malcolm Garratt - RDI Media Yr12 workshop
  • BBFC - talk on regulations


Bristish Values

A range of texts and topics studied as part of the English curriculum here at Arrow Vale lend itself to promoting our fundamental British values.  Fairness and equality are explored within units such as the prejudice scheme of work studied in Year 9.  Here, students discuss the social and moral implications of racial and gender prejudiece found within a range of literary texts and the overall fairness of societies. 

Students are also exposed to texts from literary heritage.  This allows students to appreiciate British writers who have contributed to the great works of our heritage.  Conflict poetry and other war literature studied through key stages 4 and 5 enable students to reflect upon imporant sacrifies made with British history.

Embedding student understanding around the importance of living in a democracy is developed with enrichment experiences such as visits to Redditch Magistrates's court and Worcester Crown Court to watch real trials.

The department undertakes a number of extra-curricular activities which enhance student confidence and their sense of belonging as members of our school society; key factors which underpin our British Values. 


By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life. - Jean Baptiste Girard

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