English - Year 9

Students enter Arrow Vale in Year 9. The year group is streamed into two bands, with setting across both bands. At the beginning of Yr9 students study a range of Literature and Language to complement and build on their learning from KS3 at middle school. The transition to GCSE English Language and Literature is by means of a phased introduction throughout Yr9 based on the development and progress of students. By the final term of Yr9, all students will have begun their GCSE English Language / English Literature course which is concluded in Years 10 and 11.

Units covered in Year 9 include:

  • An Introduction to Literature based on a theme of prejudice.
  • A novel study: ‘Of Mice and Men’, exploring themes within 1930’s American culture and society.
  • Titanic – students analyse the facts and use their creative skills to argue, persuade and advise. For example, designing information sheets for passengers boarding the ‘unsinkable ship’, and arguing who was to blame for the devastating loss of life.
  • An Introduction to Shakespeare – his life and his works, including ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
  • A novel study: ‘Lord of the Flies’, analysing linguistic features as well as exploring the many themes within this novel.
  • Speaking and Listening activities are incorporated into all units.

In addition, students receive one Literacy lesson each week to develop all aspects of Reading, Writing and Communication. This includes dedicated reading time.

By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life. - Jean Baptiste Girard

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