The Humanities Faculty comprises History, Geography and Psychology. Highly respected by leading universities and employers, these subjects develop critical thinking, the ability to use evidence in support of arguments and pupils’ extended writing and speaking. From the Lost Boys of Sudan, to the Blitz spirit; from the Boxing Day tsunami to theories of child development and the history of medicine, students are inspired and encouraged to wonder at and understand people and the world around them.

There are five full time Humanities teachers each with their own specialism but who are also able to deliver lessons across the Faculty. Lessons take place in a suite of five well equipped rooms at the heart of the school and learning is regularly extended beyond the classroom. Staff make good use of the LRC, IT facilities, and other school and local sites as well as organising educational visits.


We must turn to the humanities if we are to meet the need for meaning in an age of vast but pointless powers. Only the humanities can help us with the question of what living is for. - Stanley Fish

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