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There are regular trips and visits by Humanities students across all years and throughout the year. In Year 9 last year, students enjoyed a successful Masterclass at Birmingham University, experiencing life at a leading History Department and taking part in a highly competitive quiz. Year 12 also visited a University, this time in Wolverhampton to listen to and speak with a Holocaust survivor.

Students will experience many trips through the study of Geography. All students on the GCSE course will go on a human and physical geography trip, including a day trip to Weymouth.

At A-Level, students will experience several trips undertaking a local place study in Redditch where they will consider people’s perception of the area and impacts that migration and globalisation may have had on the town centre. They will also investigate river processes in Worcester, looking at infiltration rates and channel processes. They will also undertake a residential trip to Dorset where they will look at both a coastal and urban study.

Finally, we offer an optional trip open to all our Geography students to Iceland. Students travel for 3 nights in Reykjavik and get to see a range of volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls as well as taking part in a Northern Lights tour. 

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We must turn to the humanities if we are to meet the need for meaning in an age of vast but pointless powers. Only the humanities can help us with the question of what living is for. - Stanley Fish

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