Humanities - Key Stage 5

Psychology (AQA)

In the Sixth Form, Psychology is a popular choice for many students. The course combines study of the human brain and how the body responds and reacts as well as covering a range of topics that deal with human perception and relationships, such as Attachment, Stress, Abnormality and Memory. There are regular opportunities for students to undertake experiments and share their own experiences as well as learning about the great psychologists and analysts of the last century, such as Freud, Jung and Bowlby.


The History A level course in Year 12 is focussed very much on developments in Germany and the USA in the 20th century. Hitler, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust form the basis for one module, while at the same time pupils will learn about how America has changed and developed since the end of slavery. This is extended further into Year 13 when students undertake research into the Civil Rights and the experiences of Black Americans in the hundred years up to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.


Students also follow the AQA specification at A-Level Geography. The course is split into Human Geography, Physical Geography and Geographical skills. The AS course requires students to study Changing Places, where the perception and representation of place form a key part. Hazards, which includes tectonic hazards and weather hazards. Finally, they study Water and Carbon Cycles with a focus on rivers and rainforests. Students also have to undertake 2 days fieldwork, which will be examined alongside the human geography paper. This includes a local place study in Redditch and a rivers study in Worcester. The A Level course has three additional topics, which are Population and Environment, Global Governance and Systems and Coastal Environments. Students are also required to undertake an independent fieldwork investigation which will act as coursework and count towards their final grade. Students will undertake a residential trip to Dorset during the autumn term of Y13 to complete this. 

We must turn to the humanities if we are to meet the need for meaning in an age of vast but pointless powers. Only the humanities can help us with the question of what living is for. - Stanley Fish

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