SMSC in Geography

Humanities subjects are all heavily focussed on people and their relationships and as such we are well placed to contribute to students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education. In every lesson across the Faculty, students are expected either to consider the needs and experiences of others, or their own personal responses to events, problems and changes. Teachers in Humanities encourage students to discuss and debate controversy outside the classroom. At times this is in a formal setting like educational visits or homework, but also we expect the study of Humanities subjects to affect positively the way students live their daily lives. We encourage young people to enquire, consider and question in lessons and beyond.

Spiritual Development in Geography

·         In Geography, we encourage spiritual development through providing opportunities for students to reflect upon the landscapes and environments we study within lessons. A-Level Geographers undertake a fieldtrip to the Dorset Coastline where they are able to appreciate the landforms and processes that they have learnt about and gain a greater understanding of their formation.


·         We encourage geographers to be curious about the world in which we live and to ask questions about future events. Recently in Year 10 students have been looking at the potential eruption of Yellowstone Supervolcano and considering how it may alter the world in which we live. Students questioned the likelihood of impacts such as global temperature change and how we would have to adapt our lives to survive. 

·         A sense of the scale of different locations is constantly referred to in Geography lessons but also when on site during fieldwork. A recent visit to the Peak District to assess the impact of tourism also saw students impressed with and engaged by the beauty of the physical and human environment.

Moral Development in Geography

·         Moral questions are present in the majority of topics that we study in Geography at Arrow Vale. They help to form a key part of Geographical Issues that are present within the world today. In both GCSE and A-Level Geography students study China’s attempts to reduce their population growth through the use of the one child policy. Students discuss the successes of this, but also question whether it is morally correct and how they would feel if they were forced to live under its rules.

·         Health issues around the world forms part of a contemporary topic in A-Level Geography and addresses many moral issues. Students discover the ways in which tobacco companies target children in poor parts of the world with their products and explore the right and wrongs of this exploitation.

·         In Geography we see it as important that students understand the issues faced by people in different parts of the world and develop an opinion towards them. Year 9 have recently completed a management activity where they study HIV in South Africa. They identify with the issues faced by those suffering with HIV and then develop their own management plan as to how to solve the problem.


Social Development in Geography


·         Social issues and the needs of different groups of people are also common themes that are explicitly recognised on a regular basis such as the need to create a sustainable society. In year 9, students undertake a project that researches environmental issues in our local area and school and how best to manage them.


·         The conflict in Afghanistan is thoroughly debated during Year 13 Geography. Students discover the key issues of the conflict and explore whether they think British involvement is necessary, helping them to understand key issues in the world.


·         As part of the Worcestershire Youth School Games, students from the school ran a Geography themed session for competitors aged 7-18 to enjoy. The students ran the activities themselves, showing excellent leadership and communication skills and talking some of the key themes of Geography to pupils from across Worcestershire.


·         Students’ leadership and initiative is developed in all their fieldwork tasks, but none more so that when investigating the impact of tourism in Stratford. Year 11 pupils devised their own questionnaires and then met with members of the public to take their views. Working with members of the general public required the Year 11 geography pupils to be polite, courteous and they were without exception well received and complimented.


Cultural Development in Geography

·         Understanding different cultures is a key part of Geography at Arrow Vale. In both year 9 and GCSE Geography, students explore the concept of migration. Lessons are spent discovering why people migrate and why this is necessary for refugees. The topics help to give students a greater awareness of such a current issue.

·         In Year 9, students take part in a trading game when studying development. This lets them take on the role of different countries and experience what it is like to have lots of resources, but little technology. This helps students to understand the issues faced by countries in developing parts of the world.




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