Humanities - Year 9

All pupils study both History and Geography for one hour per week and are set homework tasks each half term that enhance and extend their learning. There are 6 topics in each subject delivered during the year all of which are connected to young people’s lives today; for example the unit on World War One asks how and why it should be remembered and Geography lessons about the world’s billionaires encourage students to consider how they can contribute to a global society. The entire programme of study helps to prepare students for the demands of GCSE courses. This is either through the subject matter itself, such as the study of a ‘Risky World’ in Geography which includes the basics of earthquakes and volcanoes that are learnt more deeply at GCSE. Other modules build students’ skills, such as the study of Crime and Punishment through time which looks at a single theme across one thousand years of history, similar to the study of Medicine in Year 11. Students learn in a variety of ways and will often choose their own tasks, deciding on a medium that either suits their preferred learning styles or challenges their intellect and curiosity.

We must turn to the humanities if we are to meet the need for meaning in an age of vast but pointless powers. Only the humanities can help us with the question of what living is for. - Stanley Fish

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