SMSC in Learning Support

The Inclusion team at RSA Academy Arrow Vale are committed to supporting students in all aspects of everyday life. We strive to enable access to the curriculum for all, but also offer a multitude of support groups and systems to aid students with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education plays an integral part in all areas throughout the department and is embedded in all that the team do.

The Learning Support Department and The Base offer a nurturing and caring environment for learning where students of all ages and with varying difficulties learn to consider the needs and personal circumstance of others. They learn to become more tolerant of others’ experiences and become a supportive family within the school environment.


Spiritual Development in Learning Support

Throughout the Inclusion department there is a wealth of opportunities for students to engage in Spiritual education.  Pupils have opportunities in all lessons and individual support groups to explore the values and beliefs of others and the way in which other peoples’ beliefs impact on everyday lives. Students are encouraged to explore their own feelings and values and are supported in understanding their emotions. The department has established a climate and ethos within which pupils can grow and flourish, respect others and be respected.

§  Access Maths Yr 9 – The access maths course looks at how different learning styles can improve the engagement and academic progress of students who have difficulties in mainstream lessons. In year 9 students focus specifically on statistics in preparation for the GCSE at KS4. Their learning takes place through project –based work using more visual and kinaesthetic methods with concrete aids to make mathematics more meaningful. 

§  Access English Yr10 – Scheme of work based on The Freedom Writers’ Diary. This true story reflects upon key difficulties young people face in everyday life. The course helps students to reflect on their own personal circumstances and look for ways that education can help to lead them to success in the future.

§  Access English Yr11 - Study of Conflict Poetry. Students focus on the background and context of WW1 which helps them to understand spiritually why poets have expressed themselves in this way.

§  The Base works alongside all faculties in the school delivering personalised education either one-to-one or in small groups. The same lesson plans used in all departments are delivered in the Base providing a consistent approach to delivery of spiritual education through all subjects.

§  Regular review meetings take place for all students on Personalised Learning Plans. The meetings provide opportunities for students to understand why they are accessing the Base and to ask any questions or voice any concerns over their school and personal life.

§  Proactive Courses on Stress Management and Self-Esteem are on offer within the department to help students with their belief in themselves, encourage positive discussion with others and a chance to discuss personal feelings and emotions.

Our full-time counsellor works in the Base offering advice and guidance for students by appointment.

Moral Development in Learning Support

Moral development within the Inclusion Department focusses on students building their moral values to regulate their personal behaviour. There is a huge focus on social skills and the development of individual’s understanding of what is right and wrong within school and the wider world.

§  Access English – All Access English lessons explore and analyse a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts which provide students with the ability to question and reason and to make personal judgements on important matters.


§  Access English Yr9 – A variety of texts of studied over the course of the year including themes on WW1, dual nationality and different cultures, positive relationships, and bullying.


§  Access Maths Yr9 – The year 9 scheme of work focusses on functional maths skills required in the work place making links with key work skills required for future employment.


§  Proactive group sessions run on anger and behaviour management, protective behaviours including; sexual health and drugs & alcohol abuse.


§  The mentoring programme offers students a key worker in the school to meet with on a regular basis. It helps students to manage their feelings and regulate their behaviour. Strategies are put in place to help pupils cope with daily pressures and deal with problems to enable them to participate fully in the life of the school.


§  On the BTEC Hospitality course students cover themes related to Moral development such:


§  Environmental and ethical issues

§  Laws relating to employment.

§  Health & Safety in the workplace.

§  Equal opportunities and the equality act.

§  Minimum Wage

§  Customer Safety.



Social Development in Learning Support


Social development is the key focus of everything that takes place within the Inclusion Team. The department fosters a sense of community for more ‘vulnerable’ learners and those with Special Educational Needs. It strives to include all students fully in the school environment through personalised learning and the development of key skills.


§  The Access pathway was established specifically to work on the social skills and confidence of students when in a classroom situation. This is done through small group work and pre-teaching of mainstream curriculum. 


§  Breakfast Club at the BASE provides a good calm start to the day and an opportunity for students of all year groups to sit down together and eat before lessons begin. Breakfast club promotes good social skill, speaking & listening and a chance for preparation and organisation for the rest of the day.


§  The school’s youth centre is opened to vulnerable students who struggle with social skills at unstructured times of the day. Students from all year groups are invited to attend at break time and lunch to play games, chat and interact with others in a safe environment. 


§  Social skills proactive groups also take place in school. Students who are identified as requiring additional support in this area can attend a small group intervention to improve this skill.


§  Trips are organised where possible to promote social skills and engage students in activities outside of school. Over the past year we have organised two team building and social skills trips in collaboration with Whitley Academy.




§  The Inclusion department runs the Get Ahead Project in partnership with Worcestershire County Council. The project works with key individuals on improving employability skills, teamwork and ambition for the future. The scheme is in place to ensure that all students leave school securing further education, employment or training.



§  Through the BTEC in hospitality students will be offered a variety of trips to develop social skills in different working environments relating to the hospitality industry. These may include; Visiting hotels, restaurants and pubs; eating in a range of establishments and integrating with members of the public who use or work within these services.


Hospitality Visit to Throckmorton Arms – Pub, Restaurant & Hotel   

Cultural Development in Learning Support


Cultural Development is supported through the Inclusion department in all lessons and interventions. The department tries to foster an appreciation of the diversity and interdependence of cultures.

§   Access English lessons provide a variety of texts, novels and films that link with cultural themes from countries such as Germany, United States, Poland, Bosnia, Russia.


§   In year 9 Access English lessons students are following a Speech & Language Scheme. The programme focusses on the importance of language and communication and offers many opportunities to learn words and phrases from different countries around the world.


§   The EAL Pathway runs for all students who come to Arrow Vale with English as a Second Language. The Pathway supports students to develop their English Language Skills supporting learning in all other areas of the curriculum. It also offers them the chance to take the iGCSE in English as a Second Language, as well as the opportunity to gain qualifications in their native tongue.


§   The Inclusion department also offers a BTEC in Hospitality. As part of this curriculum students will an opportunity to plan, prepare and taste a variety of food and traditional dishes from around the world.  


Breakfast at the Barley Mow

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