Learning Support & SEND

Access Pathway


Students, who are identified for additional literacy and numeracy support, can study on the the access pathway. The pathway offers students opportunities to gain confidence in the area of English and Mathematics through pre-teaching in small groups. The aim of these sessions is to promote a love of learning, to enhance confidence and self-esteem and learn important cross-curricular skills that are required within regular mainstream lessons. The focus of the pathway is to find innovative and alternative ways of learning without the pressure of exams and controlled assessments.


In addition to English and Mathematics, the pathway also provides Study Support lessons, where students will have time and resources to work on coursework from other areas, with the assistance of qualified members of staff. The aim of the class is to assist time-management, reduce stress and ensure that students complete all work necessary despite any difficulties.

Extended Services

The Learning Support department works collaboratively with a range of outside agencies to assess, identify and support students with additional needs. These include:


               Educational Psychologist

               Learning Support Team

               Behaviour Support Team

               Medical Education Centre

               Complex Communication Team

               Speech and Language Therapy Team

               Occupational Therapy Team

               Chadsgrove Outreach for Physical disabilities

               Hearing and Visual Impairment Team

               Social Services

English as an Additional Language (EAL)


With a growing number of students arriving at Arrow Vale, from a diverse number of birth cultures, there is a growing need to provide further language support. The EAL pathway has recently been introduced to identify and support students who arrive at school with English as an additional language. Students on the pathway will study for the Cambridge, IGCSE in English as a Second Language and where possible, will have the opportunity to study for a GCSE in their native tongue; for example, Polish or Russian.


The regular additional English language classes will also assist students further in all academic areas, which will enable them to become confident and sociable individuals within society.












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