Information & Communication Technology

The ICT Department consists of 4 highly dedicated ICT professionals that are relentless in their pursuit of excellence for every child. We provide a range of ICT courses in Key Stage 4 that are suitably matched to students need and are relevant to a life of continuing education, training or employment in a technological age. On entry to the school in year 9 students study a wide variety of disciplines: ICT, Computing and computer games design that allows them to make informed choices for their GCSE, A ‘level and careers.

This summer has seen record results in the Department with 40% of ICT GCSE students gaining an A* or A grade and the Creative Media Games Design course delivering a staggering 100% fun filled pass rate. The sixth form cohort offered equally impressive results with Creative Media Game Design ushering in yet another clean sweep with a 100% pass rate whilst 80% of the ICT students gained the highest grade possible!

The three main areas of study are: ICT which teach essential 21st skills for 21st century employment; Creative Media Games Design which is an exam free but fun filled course for all would be games designers; and new for September 2013 is computing course, perfect for those students who don’t just want to use computers but want to design, build and programme them too.

In addition, the 8 main computer rooms are equipped with 28 to 30 computers each, a whiteboard and interactive voting pads; with the latest Microsoft software installed on each PC. Students use industry standard software like the Adobe Design programmes and ensure students have experiences of, and are aware of the immense benefits that free web 2.0 tools and open source software can have over priority software.

Director of Learning & Standards

Mr K Ali


Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. - Bill Gates

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