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Learning for Life SMSC Position statement.  Year 10

Year 10 undertook the challenge of the Moral Maze in Autumn term one. This unit is designed to encourage students to develop their opinions about a range of controversial subjects as well as better understand a variety of other viewpoints. Pupils were asked to develop thinking and discussion about moral issues. Many questions were posed to the students such as: Is it right to judge others? Is there a difference between ‘good and bad’ and ‘good and evil’? and Is it ever right to use another individual to get what you want? Many other questions were used as debate tools and gave the year tens opportunity to forge opinions and argue for what they thought was right.

Over the remainder of the term many other moral issues were covered. Each lesson was designed to engage pupils and asked them to develop social skills, expose them to a variety of scenarios that they may not have encountered previously. Here students were considering: Suffering, Animal rights, Notions of evil, Poverty and Euthanasia. Within the lessons pupils were encouraged to develop their TRICs skills of Team: value others’ input (especially with sensitive/challenging issues), is fair and considerate as well as Reflective: Considers work carefully and justifies answers.

Currently, in Autumn term two, the year tens are studying the Prejudice and Discrimination unit. This section of the SMSC is asking students to reflect upon discrimination, prejudice, corporate racism, body image and attitudes to disability. Students are asked to reflect, discuss and share their thoughts and opinions on these emotive topics. In this unit they are asked:

                    understand the difference in meaning between stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice

                    understand – through a role play exercise – how we can make decisions just by looking at others without really understanding or knowing individual peoples background.

                    understand that some large companies can unintentionally display images that can be seen as racist

                    understand how the media influences our opinions about body image

                    understand that disability should not be a barrier to success


Running concurrently with this we run Learning for Life tutor sessions that look at, through a variety of activities, Team, Reflective, Independent and Creative (TRICS) learning.

Our planned programmes of assemblies have had a variety of staff leading a diverse range of topics relating to:

·         new beginnings

·         rules and regulations

·         the environment

·         honesty

·         remembrance

·         anti bullying

Learning for Life teachers enthusiastically inspire students to discuss and debate SMSC issues outside the classroom. We ask our students to enquire, consider and question in lessons and beyond so they may become more rounded individuals whose opinions are valued and listened to.

Director of Learning and Standards
Year 10:
Miss C Rawson

































































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