Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning outside the classroom is about raising young people’s achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of prime importance.

Council for Learning outside the classroom

At RSA Arrow Vale, we believe very strongly in the provision that we can offer the students in our care opportunities to learn, enjoy and experience outside of the classroom.  At the school we believe that Learning Outside the Classroom can be delivered in 3 Provision Programmes.

Discovery Programme – This programme involves a variety of visits, trips, PAZ (Positive Action Zone) and enrichment activities to encourage students learning.  The Discovery Programme encourages students to develop their personal skills or interests which will enrich their stay at RSA Arrow Vale.

We have a range of enrichment activities available for students throughout the Autumn, Spring and Summer term as well as an annual programme. 

Excel Programme – This is a tailored programme of subject intervention, coursework catch up and revision sessions to raise the academic achievement of students.  The excel programme can occur before school, lunchtime and after school.

To view our annual provision for the students at RSA Arrow Vale, please click on the attachment to see our timetabled provision. ( Coming soon).

Aim Higher Programme – This is a transition programme which aims to develop students’ confidence, emotional & social development at RSA Arrow Vale, which will help motivate their success. 

Details of the opportunities available can be found in the Enrichment section of each department’s page.


Learning takes place everywhere, not just when we expect it.

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