The Library

The library is the epicentre of independent learning at Arrow Vale. We have recently made some improvements to the learning environment and are looking forward to a complete refurbishment later this year. The library is open to students:
Monday - Thursday 8am until 4pm
Friday - 8am - 3.30pm 

There is a comfortable area devoted to fiction where you can browse the books or just sit on a sofa and enjoy reading. We also have a good selection of non-fiction to support learning in all subject areas. There are 10 PCs which can be booked for learning activities. If you just need to find something on the Internet, we have a dedicated quick research station.

There are a range of clubs and activities on offer for students in all year groups, whether you are a Scrabble lover in Year 9 or in Year 13 and looking for support with your university application.

Students can get involved in the running of the library, as student librarians or making suggestions for new stock via reading groups.

Speed Dating in the Library

In one afternoon 70 Year 9 students looked at 35 different books.  They were doing a speed dating session for the Teen Book Awards. The students voted for their favourite six books to be shortlisted, by just looking at the cover and blurb.

The eight books that were chosen by Arrow Vale are:  The Haunting of Tabitha Grey with 17 votes, Mockingbird with 17 votes, Ratburger with 27 votes, The Other Life with 16 votes, Dive bombing with 13 votes, Dead Time with 13, Socks are not enough with 13 votes and Fire City with 13 votes.

I was glad that ‘Sock are not Enough’ was in the top eight because it sounded really funny. Speed dating was fun and I think most of the students enjoyed it.

Written by :
Hannah Finch Year9.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. - Joseph Addison

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