Performing Arts - Key Stage 4

In music students study WJEC GCSE where they have to complete two units for their overall GCSE grade. The pupils will explore unit 1 during their first year on the course which is a mixture of practical and written work. They will get the chance to compose and develop themselves as performers in their specialist areas. In the final year students will plan and prepare for their final practical performance where they will take part in an ensemble demonstrating their specialist area. They will then have to create a concept for their final performance which they will conceive during this year.

Drama students study the GCSE Edexcel course where they cover three units for their overall GCSE grade. The students will explore unit 1 and 2 during their first year of study. Both units instruct that the pupils take part in six sessions exploring a theme (unit 1) and a play (unit 2) and a written response for both units. The students will also get the chance to see a live performance and evaluate the production elements in what they have seen.

The students then get the chance to become really creative in their second year where they will receive a brief from which they have to respond with a performance, this can be from a published play or a devised piece of theatre. The pupils then have the chance to workshop their ideas and explore different concepts until they conclude with their final performance piece.

Both GCSE courses are designed to be delivered to ensure that the coursework element of the subjects is delivered within year one to ensure that all support can be given where possible. The pupils will also have mock exams for their final units and exploration of practical work weaved in between these units to ensure that their performance skills are challenged and moulded.

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