The Science Department are a strong and enthusiastic team of 7 teachers who work closely, sharing ideas and resources ensuring we continually develop our ideas, introducing new and innovative strategies to the classroom. The teaching staff is supported by 2 excellent technicians.

The department offers a wide ranging programme of study built around the central belief that science is a relevant and necessary part of life, taking students from general science in year 9 through to a full complement of the sciences in Sixth form.

We believe that science is interesting at Arrow Vale because:

  • Staff are confident in the material that they are teaching.
  • The curriculum includes contemporary science promoting students ability to make informed decisions.

We aim to develop both practical and critical thinking skills, ensuring that students become fully scientifically literate, hopefully producing future generations of scientists with an ability to critically appraise new information and theories.

Director of Learning and Standards:

Mr J Couper

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. - Carl Sagan

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