It is vital that each student attends school daily with as little absence as possible.

The School requires parents’ support in making sure that every day in school counts towards making good progress.

  1. Please ensure that your child attends every day as far as is possible. If time off is required due to illness please make it the minimum amount of time possible.
  2. Be aware that the majority of students have no time off at all. We reward full attendance every half term with a celebration and reward event.
  3. You must provide a note that explains the absence on the day of return to school. These are to be given to the Tutor. The Tutor and attendance officer will decide whether or not to authorise the absence in the School Register.
  4. Holidays during school term time is to be avoided at all costs as these will not be authorised.

There is a clear and direct relationship between school attendance and performance in formal examinations. The table below shows the impact absence can have on subjects; missing lessons will result in lower grades.

Attendance Days absent per year English Lessons Maths Lessons Science Lessons Other Lessons
95% 10 7 7 7 28
90% 19 14 14 14 53
85% 29 21 21 21 80
80% 38 28 28 28 106

We will monitor each student’s attendance every week. You can expect to receive a phone call on the first day of unexplained absence so we are aware of the reasons for absence and can discuss with you a return to school date.

To support students with improving their attendance they may be placed on a report card and have a mentor to set targets. Each half-term you will receive a letter informing you of your child’s attendance, enabling you to discuss, celebrate or improve your child’s attendance.

We also run an attendance mentoring programme to support students whose attendance is a concern.


Attendance Leaflet


We believe that punctuality is an important part of learning at school and is a key lesson for later life.

School starts at 8.30 am. Students must be on site by that time. They are expected to be in their classroom for tutor time by 8.35 when a second bell is rung.

A Senior Member of Staff is on duty at the gate each morning and records the names of students who are late. If students are late they will receive a detention that day.

Punctuality Leaflet

There is a clear and direct relationship between school attendance and performance in formal examinations.

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