Dux Award

On Friday 14th June, Jade Johnston Yr 9, was selected from her year group to visit a Russell Group University.  Jade went to visit Birmingham University, one of the UK’s 24 leading universities. 

The Dux Award has been created by the Russell Group; 24 leading universities in the United Kingdom.  The award was created specifically for a high achieving Yr 9 student to be allowed the opportunity to visit one of these institutions to inform them of their choices for the future.  It is hoped that these young minds are inspired by the visit and go onto study at higher education.

Whilst on the day trip to Birmingham University she attended a lecture about University development and social inclusion by a leading professor in History.  This was followed by a tour of the university and an rare opportunity to meet one of Birmingham University’s Vice Chancellor.  A trip around the university was then followed by attending a university seminar; one regarding art history and the second about Queen Elizabeth I.  Jade was able to mix with students around the country at this Dux Award and mingle with some of the brightest and best minds from various schools.  The day closed by attending another lecture regarding sports psychology, led by a prominent lecturer in this field. Jade was given insight into the techniques that the British cycling team used to prepare themselves both mentally and physically before each race.  This same learning can be used to normal habits and that positive change can bring about positive success, just as the British Cycling team saw in the 2012 London Olympics.

Jade had a very successful day at Birmingham University and the trip has secured her plans for continuing onto Higher Education.

Mrs. Mistry

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