Student Leaders Invited to Whitley Academy

On Thursday 16th May, two 6th Form student leaders were invited to RSA Whitley Academy in Coventry.  The students were invited by the student leaders at RSA Whitley to view and evaluate their Student Leadership programme at their school.


Livvy Turner; our Head Girl along with Sophie Williams; Prefect Student Leader, met students at RSA Whitley along with student leaders from RSA Tipton, Birmingham.  The day involved a tour of the school as well as seeing how their school day was constructed.  RSA Whitley is a larger school than RSA Arrow Vale and has a developing programme of student leadership.  We discovered that they are very successful BBC School Reporters and have interviewed people in the American Embassy as well as a scientist from NASA


RSA Whitley Academy and RSA Tipton came to our school on 29th April and took away lots of good ideas that they saw at our school and have started to implement them at their school.  It was positive to see that our work is recognised and can be used as a model in our group of RSA families of schools.


Our student leaders found the day very interesting, encouraging and also very helpful.  The student leadership day provided further insight into areas that we could develop at RSA Arrow Vale within our student leadership body and our school community.  The student leadership group came away from the day with ideas that could be developed at RSA Arrow Vale in the coming future to help further shape and demonstrate the student leadership body at RSA Arrow Vale.


As a result of this student leadership day and the culmination of the 3 school visits, RSA Arrow Vale will be presenting their own developments and new learning of the student leadership evaluation days at RSA Tipton and RSA Whitley to the RSA Fellows in London on 9th July 2013. 



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