SMSC at RSA Academy Arrow Vale


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SMSC – Schools with Soul

At Arrow Vale we give conscious endeavour to ensure that we develop students' moral, social, cultural and spiritual selves. This underpins all that we do, formally and informally, in the curriculum and beyond, as members of our community. The aim is to ensure students have conscious understanding of themselves, and that they develop a set of personal values as citizens.

As an RSA Academy we develop these in a family of West Midlands schools with a diversity of situation and intake. Student interactions between the Academies in the family, here in Redditch, in Coventry, the Black Country and in Birmingham are frequent. We also foster this development through a wide-range of national initiatives that the RSA academies have access to through RSA networks. The RSA enrichment guarantee has a strong content focus on SMSC development for our young people. 

Our aim is to develop students' character – in particular their resilience and their confidence, as well as the academic knowledge and understanding, and specific and employability skills, so that they can thrive in the world beyond school, whilst they are at school, and of course when they go on from us post-18.


This booklet in the link above outlines the inputs across the curriculum and wider that enable a strong development of students’ conscious spiritual self, the development of their moral compass, and social and cultural skills, knowledge and understanding.


Building SMSC, and ensuring resilience and confidence.

Arrow Vale has been featured as a case study in a national investigation into SMSC, such is the high focus on ensuring students, development of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural selves at our school.  

Being chosen as a case study is recognition of the work of staff and students in ensuring our school has ‘soul’, and is much more than just about exam results. We proactively give space and high value to developing students SMSC. We build programmes, both in the curriculum, and in enrichment, to build SMSC, and we are particularly focussed on building students resilience and confidence, so that they can succeed in both work and life.

In many respects, SMSC is the very lifeblood of schools and schooling, and that is what we aim to achieve at Arrow Vale – we aim to provide young people with a set of characteristics and capabilities that enable them to cope and excel with modern day life. We believe SMSC development makes a huge contribution towards both formal attainment and to wider outcomes in and beyond school.

We are delighted to have been chosen to feature as a case study in this report, one of only 7 schools nationally to be so. The report was featured in the Education section of The Guardian newspaper. The full report and the case study on Arrow Vale can be found at 


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