The Trust

The Redditch RSA Academies Trust is the Multi-Academy Trust that has been established to have a strategic oversight of schools in the Trust, (currently Ipsley and Arrow Vale RSA Academies) including agreeing the annual plan and budget and monitoring progress against key performance indicators.  The school’s local governing boards are responsible for the day to day management of the school and, as now, will include staff, parent and community governors, as well as sponsor nominated governors.

Local Decision Making

Considerable success is being achieved with a commitment to building a strong local governing body at each school with clear responsibility for standards, ensuring effective leadership by the Principal and building good links with parents. We have made our own decisions on all aspects of school improvement.  We have chosen our uniforms and badges.  We write our own improvement plans. The ethos of the RSA, which is very different from other Academy sponsors, is that schools know their local communities best, and make decisions accordingly.

Coherent Education

The Trust aims to give children a seamless journey through school. This includes a coherent curriculum delivery that is essential to success. We aim to deliver outstanding teaching and care for all children in our schools.

We hope that the schools in the Arrow Vale pyramid will join the Trust, retaining their unique identities and the benefit of the age specific sites that the 3-tier system has enabled, but enabling greater collaboration and support for each other, therefore further enhancing the educational journey the children have through the pyramid, from pre-school to 19 years old. The potential benefits for all schools, and therefore for the children and families, are outlined in the ‘Why join?’ section of the website.

Visit or Contact Us

Hopefully the website will give you a flavour of our Trust and the schools within it. Clearly, visiting the schools will give much greater insight, should you wish to do so. If you have any questions, or would like to visit, please contact the schools direct. You will find the details for each school in the ‘our schools’ section of the website.

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